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art by Alissa Voth

Pathing (2022)
for solo cello
premiered by Seth Parker Woods


Program Note (2022) Pathing to me sounds like a song played successively on three records, each one uniquely damaged. I composed the piece by improvising on a modified guitar while living alone in the fall of 2020 (I’m not a cellist nor a guitar player, so perhaps this is how the piece came to be so choreographic). However,  I was never satisfied with the piece.

In the summer of 2022 I was given an opportunity to revise Pathing for a performance by Isidora Nojkovic. By revisiting the composition I was able to help out my past self, in the height of her Covid isolation, and finish the piece. I chose to name the solo Pathing to reflect my experience creating it. In the end, I was able to find the playfulness I had searched for when I was tapping up and down the neck of a guitar.

performed by Isadora Nojkovic

engineered by Michael Turner


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