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Ludens (2022 - )
collaboration with programmer and computer scientist Paige Gulley.

SIGCAS publication

Paige and I piloted Ludens in February of 2022 at ThemFest, a DIY music festival in Massachusetts. The games, including a sonic scavenger hunt to collect field recordings, were held in a room for 5 hours with live instruments and QR codes to access an webpage recording interface. In total, 30 participants recorded and uploaded their game outcomes, amassing over 200 audio files. The participants' audio files are  stored within a final looping game, which we encourage all to play: link for the loop game

An audio excerpt of a participant playing the loop game.

Our mission is to design an experience where barriers between musicians and non-musicians are dissolved through gameplay and co-creative challenges. We use recording technology as a tool of reflection and agency in musical practice that, when applied collaboratively, contributes to a social music-making interface. We aim to prove that any person can be a composer, or at least a person who creates and enjoys their own music.

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