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photo by Deirdre Huckabay

Alissa Voth (she/her) is a Chicago-based composer. She writes contemporary classical concert music exploring musical and narrative capacities, echoing woven and submerged experiences of the present.

Voth's music has been performed by soloists such as Charles Lilley, Sarah Brady, Antonina Styczén, and Lucy Yao, as well as at festivals and venues such as at the UT Contemporary Music Festival, Cortona Sessions for New Music, and the Isador Bajic School.

As an educator, Voth has taught composition at the Boston Conservatory's High School Composition Intensive, private music lessons, and adaptive music classes for disabled students in Boston Public Schools.

Currently, she collaborates with programmer Paige Gulley to develop music composition games based on cognition research. You can find a reflection of their preliminary work published in Special Interest Group for Computers and Society.

She additionally writes songs and lyrics for theater, mainly collaborating with playwright M Sloth Levine.

Voth is pursuing a PhD at Northwestern University. Her teachers and mentors include Marti Epstein, Felipe Lara, Hans Thomalla, Danuta Mirka, Alex Mincek, and Jonathan Bailey Holland.​ Her hometown is Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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