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art by Alissa Voth

A room to hold them all (2023)
mixed media


Program Note (2022) I used many microphones to record my kitchen and home appliances, isolating the resonating frequencies and textures of their mechanical components. Inspired by the piece “Buoy” by Ian Power, I paired sounds with a Nord Electro organ, imagining the appliances as stops.

When I later showed this recording to a friend, he told me how he heard his mother’s kitchen as if it had magically come to life. His nostalgia struck me as meaningful as some of the appliances I recorded were from
my childhood, gifted to me by my mom.

I now hear this recording as a possession a certain childhood memory: the cosmicity of your family kitchen when all of the appliances are running.

The title is a quotation from the essay “Gluing” by Thomas Clerc.


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